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Oct 19 2018
Daredevil Group Affiliations

Top 3 Daredevil Group Affiliations

Top 3 Daredevil Group Affiliations Often relying on his own enhanced senses and martial arts expertise, Daredevil is known for taking crime into his own hands. Despite being known as the “man with no fear” and having taken down some of New York City’s most formidable enemies, there have been times where Daredevil relied on […]

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Oct 12 2018

Top 3 Daredevil Villains

Top 3 Daredevil Villains While serving justice both legally in the courthouse and on the streets as a vigilante Matt Murdock made sure that criminals answer for the crimes that they commit. Having Cleaned up the streets in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil made a number of formidable enemies. Here is our list of the top 3 […]

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Oct 5 2018
Venom Enemies

Behind the Tee | Venom

This past September we celebrated by shipping out our latest Venom tee. Who is Venom you ask? A more appropriate question is not who, but what is Venom? Venom is a symbiote born on the artificial planet, Klyntar. Symbiotes are a species of amorphous, symbiotic extraterrestrials that have the ability to bond with a host […]

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Sep 28 2018

Daredevil: Man Without Fear | Character Spotlight

Many stories have been told of a masked vigilante that stalks the streets of Hell’s Kitchen at night, imposing swift justice on criminals. The character in question of course is no other than “The Man with No Fear” Daredevil. The Arctify tee theme for October has been just been revealed to be Daredevil! Backstory of […]

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Sep 21 2018
Venom Enemies

List of the Top Venom Enemies

List of The Top Venom Enemies Since his creation, Venom has become one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. The unique properties of the Symbiote cause Venom’s persona to change drastically over time placing him in drastically different situations frequently. Most commonly known for his fued with Spider-Man, Venom has been known […]

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Sep 14 2018
Venom as an Ant-Hero

Is Venom Considered a Hero or a Villain?

Though often set as an antagonist in the Spider-Man series, Venom’s role is a little more complicated than a typical hero or villain. If you are a fan of the Marvel Universe, chances are you have heard the term anti-hero being thrown around, but what exactly is an anti-hero? Anti-heroes are generally classified as characters […]

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Sep 7 2018
Different Venom Hosts

Different Venom Symbiote Hosts

Venom Symbiote Hosts Since the Venom symbiote was first introduced to the Marvel Universe he has taken over many different hosts. These hosts have altered the Venom personality to the point where he has become one of the most fearsome and formidable foes in the Marvel Universe. Here are a handful of characters who have […]

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Aug 31 2018
Spider-Man Tee

Spider-Man | Behind the Tee

Being orphaned at a young age, Peter Benjamin Parker was taken in and raised by his uncle and aunt Ben and May Parker. Though he grew to be a very bright student, he was often an outcast and bullied throughout high school, mainly by the Midtown High School star football player Flash Thompson. When he […]

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Aug 24 2018

Venom | Character Spotlight

The orders for The Amazing Spider-Man tees for August have finally come to a close and the orders are in the process of being finalized to ship. The theme for September’s tee has been set to Venom! Who is Venom? A more appropriate question to ask is not who, but what is Venom? Venom is […]

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Aug 17 2018
Who Were Spider-Man's Parents

What Happened to Peter Parker’s Parents?

Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens, New York and at a young age was taken in and cared for by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. Under their care he had thrived in school all of his life and instilled with strong work ethic and a righteous sense of morality. Aunt May and Uncle […]

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