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Spider-Man | Behind the Tee

Aug 31 2018

Being orphaned at a young age, Peter Benjamin Parker was taken in and raised by his uncle and aunt Ben and May Parker. Though he grew to be a very bright student, he was often an outcast and bullied throughout high school, mainly by the Midtown High School star football player Flash Thompson. When he was 15 years old he attended an exhibit showcasing the safe handling of nuclear materials when an irradiated spider bit him on the hand. After shortly realizing he had developed special abilities, he transitioned to the role of a vigilante after letting a thief — who would later kill his uncle Ben — escape. This past August’s tee was created with “The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” in mind.

The Shirt

We started this month’s tee off with a comfortable shirt made of a high-quality cotton. This month’s tee is super-soft, super-light and remains comfortable to wear all-throughout the day! Cotton tees are generally very durable and maintain their high-quality through many wash cycles.

The Design

When designing this month’s tee, we wanted to use artwork that coincides with known Spider-Man symbolism. On the front of the tee we have a multi-layered image starting with a large Spider-Man in the background wearing his Iron Spider costume. Inside the silver Spider emblem is another Spider-Man staring outward. On the back of the tee we added the same large spider logo in the background with Spider-Man logos stacked vertically .

What’s Next?

Don’t forget to reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of the August Spider-Man tee. Remember to tag us with the #IAmArctify hashtag so we can respond. The Arctify theme for September has been revealed to be Venom and the tee will be going out the last week of September.


-The Arctify Team-