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Daredevil: Man Without Fear | Character Spotlight

Sep 28 2018

Many stories have been told of a masked vigilante that stalks the streets of Hell’s Kitchen at night, imposing swift justice on criminals. The character in question of course is no other than “The Man with No Fear” Daredevil. The Arctify tee theme for October has been just been revealed to be Daredevil!

Backstory of Matt Murdock

While growing up without a mother, Matt Murdock was raised by his boxer father — Jonathan “Battling Jack” Murdock. In wanting his son to have a better life he put a strong emphasis on school work and did not allow for him to take part in sports. Matt quickly became a popular target for school bullies and began taking his frustrations out during secret training sessions in his father’s. One day Matt noticed that a blind man was unknowingly walking towards an oncoming truck. Springing into action, Matt pushed the man out of the way to keep him from being run over. The truck swerved out of the way and crashed splashing radioactive chemicals that were on the truck onto his face, instantly blinding him. While Matt was in the hospital recovering from the accident he began to notice that his sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing were all amplified with the loss of his eyesight.

Several months after Matt left the hospital, he came into contact with Stick, a blind martial arts master. Stick took Matt in as a student and taught him how to hone his now heightened senses to compensate for his loss of vision. While honing his acrobatic and martial arts skills, Matt soon developed a proximity sense — a way of being aware of things in close proximity to one’s self. Meanwhile all of this was happening, Matt’s dad jack was desperate for work and sought the help of the Fixer to set up a boxing match. when asked to throw the match, Jack refused and beat his opponent. Later on that night, Jack was murdered by the Fixer and his gang.

Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock

Becoming Daredevil

While seeking revenge for the murder of his father, Matt set out to take down the Fixer. When he finally found the gang, he quickly and violently took care of them when the Fixer pulled a gun on him. Before he had the chance to shoot, he suffered a major heart attack and passed away. After avenging his fathers death, he went to meet with Stick, only to find that he had been abandoned for the violent and reckless actions he had taken.

Matt then went on to finish his college studies and soon graduated from law school to pursue a career as a lawyer. He then took his father’s old boxing attire and made a makeshift black and yellow costume and took on the moniker of Daredevil. He continued to maintain the status as a lawyer who sought legal justice during the day and at night took down criminals as Daredevil. After taking down a number of petty criminals in Hell’s Kitchen, he began to develop a reputation, and with that, came under the radar of increasingly powerful adversaries — One of the most popular being Wilson Fisk.



What’s Next?

The September Venom inspired tees have been shipped and you should be receiving yours any day (if you have not already received it). We hope you enjoyed this months tee and can’t wait to hear what you think of it on social media. Make sure to tag us with the hashtag #IAmArctify so we can see your post! Stay tuned for the latest Daredevil tee shipping at the end of October.


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