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Behind the Tee | Venom

Oct 5 2018

This past September we celebrated by shipping out our latest Venom tee. Who is Venom you ask? A more appropriate question is not who, but what is Venom? Venom is a symbiote born on the artificial planet, Klyntar. Symbiotes are a species of amorphous, symbiotic extraterrestrials that have the ability to bond with a host and feed off of their emotions much like a parasite. Once attached to a host, the Symbiotes generally take on the hosts emotions and characteristics as their own. Since it’s creation, the Venom symbiote has inhibited a number of different hosts including Spider-Man, Flash Thompson and most popularly known for his bond with Eddie Brock.



The Venom Tee

We started this month’s tee off with a comfortable shirt made of a high-quality cotton. This month’s tee is super-soft, super-light and remains comfortable to wear all-throughout the day! to achieve the deep black color synonymous with Venom’s color pallet, we used a rich, midnight-black pigment dye. Pigment dyeing is a process where the fabric is dyed using – yep you guessed it – Pigments! While pigments are insoluble in water and do not bind to the fibers, a binding solution is used to adhere the pigment to the fabric.

The Design

While designing this month’s graphic, we wanted to bring the characteristics of the symbiote to life. Much like the symbiote bonded with Spider-Man to form the Black Suite, and with Flash Thompson to form Agent Venom, this month’s tee will bond with you, it’s new host! On the front we have Venom’s face blending in with the background seamlessly. On the back we added ‘Venom’ in Blackletter-styled writing vertically down the spine of the tee!

What’s Next?

We have recently revealed that our theme for the month of October is none other than the man with no fear himself — Daredevil!



Make sure to let us know what you think of the Venom tee on social media, tagging us with the #IAmArctify hashtag! and keep an eye out for the Daredevil tee shipping at the end of October.

-The Arctify Team-