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Mar 16 2018
Arctify Contest Winners

Arctify Contest Winners Announcement

Here at Arctify one of our main objectives is to create a strong sense of community. Recently as you may be aware, we held an Arctify contest across our social media platforms to hear about what your superpowers would be and why. This was a great opportunity for us to reach out and interact with […]

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Mar 2 2018
A short discussion about the all new Arctify One-Sheeter

All About Arctify: Our New One-Sheeter

February has been a huge month for Marvel with the release of Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” and was even more special for Arcti-fans that received the January Black Panther Arctify tee. We have received unbelievable amounts of positive feedback regarding the tee and were thrilled to see all of you on social media that wore […]

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