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Oct 26 2018
Daredevil Tee

Behind the Tee | October Daredevil Tee

After witnessing a blind man walking towards an oncoming truck, Matt Murdock sprang into action and pushed him safely out of the way. It then swerved out of the way and crashed spilling radioactive chemicals onto Matt’s face rendering him blind. While recovering he noticed his other senses heightened to compensate for his loss of […]

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Oct 19 2018
Daredevil Group Affiliations

Top 3 Daredevil Group Affiliations

Top 3 Daredevil Group Affiliations Often relying on his own enhanced senses and martial arts expertise, Daredevil is known for taking crime into his own hands. Despite being known as the “man with no fear” and having taken down some of New York City’s most formidable enemies, there have been times where Daredevil relied on […]

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Oct 12 2018

Top 3 Daredevil Villains

Top 3 Daredevil Villains While serving justice both legally in the courthouse and on the streets as a vigilante Matt Murdock made sure that criminals answer for the crimes that they commit. Having Cleaned up the streets in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil made a number of formidable enemies. Here is our list of the top 3 […]

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