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Behind the Tee | October Daredevil Tee

Oct 26 2018

After witnessing a blind man walking towards an oncoming truck, Matt Murdock sprang into action and pushed him safely out of the way. It then swerved out of the way and crashed spilling radioactive chemicals onto Matt’s face rendering him blind. While recovering he noticed his other senses heightened to compensate for his loss of sight.

Months after leaving the hospital he met up with Stick — a blind martial arts master who taught him the art of self-defense. After his father was murdered by a gang of criminals, Matt sought out revenge.

After avenging his father’s death, Matt went on to gain his law school degree. From this point on he brought criminals to justice in the courtroom as Matt Murdock by day and on the streets as Daredevil “The Man With no Fear” by night! Here is an exclusive look into the creative process that brought you this month’s Daredevil tee.

The Daredevil Tee Shirt

We began designing this tee with an idea of how we wanted to create the daredevil image on the front using a black foil print. In Using the black foil, we had to rely on the color of the tee itself to help bring Daredevil to life. Choosing our red tri-blend tee was the perfect solution for this. Our premium quality tri-blend tees are made up of the perfect combination of cotton, polyester and rayon to create a light comfortable tee that is easy to maintain and can be worn year-round!

The Daredevil Tee Shirt Design

For the design we went with a classic comic style Daredevil where he is portrayed leaping through Hell’s Kitchen searching for crime! The design was created using a black foil as previously mentioned, allowing the background to bring Daredevil to life! Finally we added a small Daredevil logo to the back of the tee at the bottom.

What’s Next?

We have recently updated our site theme for next month to a Spider-Man universe theme featuring many different Spider-Man characters! Make sure to let us know what you think of your new Daredevil tee on social media, tagging us with the #IAmArctify hashtag so we can see your post!

-The Arctify Team-