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The Mad Titan | Thanos Origin

Dec 21 2018

The Holiday Deadpool tee shipping for he month of December is being prepared to ship and will be arriving for he end of December. The Arctify theme has also been updated to the theme for January — Thanos! The Mad Titan is most known for his for his plans to cause devastation on a galactic scale, but it is interesting to know his origin to see how he gets to that point.

The “Mad Titan” Thanos Origin

Thanos was born on Saturn’s moon titan, to a race of Eternals. Due to a mutation, he was born with thick purple skin and a large body. Because of his frightening look, when he was born, his mother was driven mad and attempted to kill him. Although he looked much different than the other Eternals, he was well accepted and  and was a bit of an intellectual.

When he was young he was nonviolent and could never bring himself to harm another being, until a mysterious girl convinced him to enter a deep cave to overcome his fear of killing. While Thanos and a group of friends were underground, a cave-in separated them for three days. when they eventually regrouped, Thanos learned that his friends had been killed by animals in the cave. when he left the cave, the same mysterious girl had convinced him to go back into the cave to avenge his friends by hunting the animals. Thanos soon became interested in dissecting animals to analyze them. This interest soon grew from small animals to other residents of Titan. Thanos killed a total of 17 residents of Titan and then his mother whom he hoped would give him answers as to who he was and what was his purpose, but he had not found the answers he was searching for. He then fled Titan to join a pirate crew.

Years went by and Thanos began to have a fallout with the pirate captain after he was confronted for killing out of instinct. Thanos then overthrew the pirate captain and seized control of the crew. He returned back to Titan in secret and was confronted by the mysterious woman once again whom asked him to prove his love for her by traveling the universe and disposing of his offspring. He quickly obliged and caused chaos across the universe once again. After completing his mission, the woman stated that for her to love him he would need to become somewhat of a god of destruction. He then realized that he was he only one who could see the woman and that her identity was the physical manifestation of death. Driven mad by this revelation, he obliged and began his path of destruction beginning with the annihilation of Titan.

What’s Next?

The December Deadpool is currently being prepared to ship and it will be delivered for the end of December. Make sure to reach out to us on social media and let us know what you think of the Holiday Deadpool tee, using the hashtag #IAmArctify. Make sure to share the upcoming tee with any fan of the Mad Titan.