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The Black Order | Character Spotlight

Dec 28 2018

The Holiday Deadpool tee shipping for the month of December has officially been shipped. The theme for January’s upcoming tee has been revealed to be Thanos! The Mad Titan is most known for his plan to cause devastation on a galactic scale in hope of winning the affection of Lady Death by filling the universe with souls, and relies on the help of The Black Order to achieve his goals.

The Black Order

The Black Order consists of Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, and Black Dwarf. With Thanos being the leader of the Black Order, Corvus Glaive is his right hand man and second in command. When Thano’s search for the Infinity Gems led him to planet Earth, Corvus Glaive was the one who commanded the Outriders to attack.

Proxima Midnight — Wife of Corvus Glaive — is known as one of the most skilled warriors within Thanos’ army. When the Black Order invaded Earth, Proxima Midnight was sent to Atlantis to retrieve the Infinity Gem from Namor. When she arrived Atlantis had already appeared to be destroyed and promised to spare Namor and the Atlantians in exchange for the true location of the Infinity Gem. Namor pledged his and the Atlantian’s loyalty to Proxima Midnight and told her the true location of Earth’s Infinity Gem — Wakanda.

The sinister Ebony Maw’s abilities lie in his proficient persuasive skills that allow him to control a person’s thought process and even have them serve him using only his words. When the Black Order invaded Earth, Ebony Maw was sent to deal with Dr. Strange and was successful in controlling him.

Black Dwarf is known as the power-house of Thanos’ army and when the Black Order invaded Earth, Black Dwarf arrived in Wakanda. Surprised by the strong resistance, he was defeated and was expelled from the Black Order as a result.

What’s Next?

The Holiday Deadpool tees have all been shipped and we hope those who had received one enjoyed it! The January Thanos tees will be going out at the end of January. Make sure to tag a friend who’s a fan of Thanos so they don’t miss out.

-The Arctify Team