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The Amazing Spider-Man | Character Spotlight

Jul 20 2018

The July Luke Cage inspired Marvel tee is currently being prepared to ship and as you may have noticed, the Arctify site theme has been updated to Spider-Man! That’s right, the August tee will be inspired by the Amazing Spider-Man’s classic design

Peter Parker’s Early Life

Being orphaned at a young age, Peter Benjamin Parker was taken in and raised by his uncle and aunt Ben and May Parker. Though he grew to be a very bright student, he was often an outcast and bullied throughout high school, mainly by the Midtown High School star football player Flash Thompson. When he was 15 years old he attended an exhibit showcasing the safe handling of nuclear materials when an irradiated spider bit him on the hand.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker Becomes Spider-Man

Peter Parker Becomes the Amazing Spider-Man

On his way home from the exhibit, Peter quickly noticed he had developed super strength and agility along with the ability to climb walls – which he attributed to the spider bite. Shortly after Peter came across an advertisement offering a cash prize to anyone who could last three minutes in the ring with wrestler Joseph “Crusher” Hogan. Seeing this as a great opportunity to test his powers, Peter decided to sign up. After easily defeating his opponent, Peter was offered a televised wrestling opportunity where he would wear a full body costume, sport wrist mounted web-shooters he developed and became known as Spider-Man.

After his first televised match, Parker failed to stop a thief claiming that it was not his responsibility. A few days later he returned home to learn that his uncle Ben had been murdered and that the police had chased the suspect to an abandoned warehouse. Peter quickly changed into his Spider-Man costume and apprehended the criminal only to learn that he was the thief he had failed to stop the previous day. He then concluded that when a person has power, they have an obligation to use it responsibly, resulting in his decision to become a Super Hero.

Spider-Man Apprehends Uncle Ben's Murderer

Spider-Man Apprehends Uncle Ben’s Murderer

Because of J. Jonah Jameson’s defamation campaigns against Spider-Man, he lost his televised wrestling career. In a desperate attempt to make money, Parker tried apprehending criminals. Parker ironically finds a photographer position with the Daily Bugle (owned by J.J. Jameson) taking photographs of Spider-Man.

Parker now influenced by the decision to use his powers responsibly, decides to fight crime protecting the citizens of New York from all who threaten the lives of the innocent as Spider-Man. We the team at Arctify are very excited to announce this month’s tee and cannot wait to ship the tee we’ve been working on. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Luke Cage tee which should be arriving towards the end of July and let us know your thoughts on the August tee on social media.

-The Arctify Team