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Arctify Contest Winners Announcement

Mar 16 2018

Here at Arctify one of our main objectives is to create a strong sense of community. Recently as you may be aware, we held an Arctify contest across our social media platforms to hear about what your superpowers would be and why. This was a great opportunity for us to reach out and interact with you and we enjoyed going through each of your submissions. We knew that there would be many great submissions and for us to pick a winner would have been an impossible decision for us to make so we decided to let the Arctify community decide on a winner. Based on the results for this past contest the winners you have chosen are:

  • Rick from Facebook: ” My power would be telekinesis, just so I could do things more efficiently #IAmArctify”


  • Jimmy from Instagram: “My super power would be the ability to shoot lightning bolts out of a guitar when i shred on it as i ride a dragon that spits sick rhymes instead of flames #IAmArctify #blessed”


  • Andre from Twitter: “Control Time #IAmArctify Speed it up to live longer, slow it down to have superhuman speed, maybe even reverse it to get do-overs and/or precognition”


We would like to give a big congratulations to these winners. We will be reaching out to you directly on the respective social media channels to discuss the next steps to start receiving your 3 free months of Arctify!

If you enjoyed this past contest, missed the Arctify contest entirely, or are interested in future contests we may hold, make sure to follow our social media channels to get the latest Arctify updates. Also feel free to send us some ideas for future contests you would like to see us hold. Thank you to everyone who took part and to all subscribers keep an eye out for the March Arctify tee which ships next week.


-The Arctify Team