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Holiday Deadpool | Character Spotlight

Nov 30 2018

The Spider-Man Multiverse themed tee for November has been shipped and the December theme has been revealed! Every December we release a holiday themed tee in anticipation for the holiday season. This December’s tee is a comic-styled holiday Deadpool theme!


Wade Wilson began working as a mercenary at a young age. He traveled the world for a short time accepting various assassination missions, but upon refusing to complete a job in Tokyo, Wilson decided to head to the United States, where he learned that he had developed cancer.

While seeking treatment for his illness, Wilson learned of a potential cure through the Weapon X project that created a serum which in theory would grant Wolverines regenerative capabilities to any patient it was injected into. After opting in for the serum Wade gained regenerative capabilities and halted his cancer, but the side effects left his skin severely disfigured.

Deapool Without Mask


After his treatment, Wade had joined a covert unit alongside other mutants. Wilson was ejected from the weapon x program when he killed one of his teammates and was sent to Hospice – A Canadian facility where failed superhuman experiments were to be treated. Unknown to Wilson and the Canadian government however was that the Hospice patients were experimented on by the evil Doctor Killebrew and his assistant, Ajax. The patients at the hospice entered the test subjects into a deadpool to bet on who would last the longest.

When Wilson ended his friends suffering after Ajax lobotomized him, he was sentenced to death, as there was a strict no killing rule. Ajax tore out his heart and left him for dead. Due to Wilson’s regenerative capabilities however, he managed to come back to life and exact his revenge on Ajax, leaving him for dead and escaping Hospice. Shortly after his escape, Wade returned to mercenary work under the new moniker Deadpool and began wearing his signature red costume.

What’s Next?

The Holiday Deadpool tee will be shipping out for the end of December. make sure to tag any Deadpool fans who need this tee, and be sure to let us know what you thought of our recent Spider-Man Multiverse tee on social media!


-The Arctify Team