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Behind the Tee | Spider-Man Multiverse

Nov 23 2018

The November Spider-Man Multiverse tee has been shipped this week. One of the characters featured on the November tee is Miles Morales, who is your normal everyday teenager living in New York, trying to juggle school and his family, when his life drastically changes after gaining spider-like powers. Though he cannot control his powers well in the beginning, he soon grows into the position as Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s death.

The Spider-Man Multiverse Tee

We started this month’s tee off with a comfortable, high-quality, light grey tri-blend. Our tri-blend, as the name suggests, is made up of three different fabrics: polyester, cotton and rayon. The benefits of using a tri-blend are that the shirt feels softer, has a slight elastic feel to it and is great for preventing shrinkage! This month’s tee is super-light, relaxed and comfortable to wear all throughout the year!

The Design

For the Shirt’s design, we decided to go with two prints. On the front of the tee, we added several characters from the different Spider-Man universes. The design includes: Miles Morales, Spider-Noir, Spider-Woman, Peni Parker and Spider-Ham all posing in an action stance. On the back of the tee we included a large Spider-Man logo towards the top of the shirt.

What’s Next?

This month’s tee will be shipped out over the next few days and the theme for December has been revealed.  Don’t forget to reach out to us on social media to let us know what you think of the November tee and keep an eye out for our Holiday Deadpool themed tee for December!
-The Arctify Team-