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Here is a look at Arctify's Marvel Heroes inspired tee for February


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Arctify’s February Marvel Heroes Tee is an Instant Favorite

Feb 23 2018

With movie releases like Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Ant-Man and The Wasp” all scheduled for 2018, it is safe to say Marvel is going big this year.  To celebrate a year of big Marvel releases, Arctify decided to present our subscribers with a tee that, when worn, will command a sense of authority and power only rivaled by the Infinity Gauntlet itself! Here is a look at our Marvel Heroes inspired tee.

The Fabric

We began the construction of our February tee by using our super-soft cotton and poly blend. We chose this blend to provide comfort, flexibility, and quality of the highest caliber. While designing the graphic for this tee, we took into account some of the most requested Marvel super heroes and created an action-packed display while paying homage to the classic Marvel comic book style.

Marvel Heroes Design

To push this month’s tee the extra mile, we went with a sublimation technique when printing the design. Sublimation is a process where the design is printed with dye on a special sheet of paper. It is then placed on the t-shirt, and applied with a heated press, turning the image into a gas. The gas is then absorbed by the shirt fabrics and leaves a permanent image on the shirt. One of the main reasons we chose a sublimation print was to increase the color vibrancy in the graphic. Another reason was to maintain the softness of the shirt. Since the dye is absorbed into the fabric, you won’t feel a different texture in the graphic in contrast to a printed image which results in a raised design.

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The Arctify Team